Pharmacies in France

Pharmacies have returned to live in this time, many people have sought their careers in pharmacology or unify their medical career with this same difference that is the art of creating medicine in a complicated process for the accuracy of its measures. It is very common for you today to come to a part of France from Paris to Lyon and to find private clinics that have their pharmacies attached, offering the full service of the patients you visit. The pharmacies in France are very amazing, in comparison with other countries of different continent, in France visiting a pharmacy is something interesting and educating, while you wait for someone to take care of you, the attention of your eyes is captured by how colorful these full places are of boxes of different colors and walls of green color with luminous signs of the same color, an experience unique in its style to tell the truth.

Today we can make use of any electronic communication (phones, tablets, etc.) with the same date as before. in the telephone directory the numbers of the nearest pharmacies Many of these (pharmacies) have their pages online or online catalogs where we can easily get the price, request the amount of medication needed and thus make the order that is totally new to the door of our house. French pharmacies are very peculiar, they have a logo of a cross, which is world famous for being the symbol of medicine, in this almost the peculiar thing is that the majority of pharmacies are painted in green as the logo of the cross, this symbol with the green color is not only used in France but also in Spain, since a long time after the green color symbolizes perfection and divine purity. Therefore, most pharmacies in these countries use that image, as a representation of the attempt to achieve a pleasant state with the administration of the remedy provided by the pharmaceutical professional.

The staff of pharmacies in France are very competent, most are people with studies according to pharmacology or medicine, many people with medical studies often open offices that in turn operate as pharmacies, there are large pharmacies that are those that supply other smaller pharmacies, this is usually done with pharmacies in small provinces in all French cities. The hours of the pharmacies are usually from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., closing on Sundays and holidays, they are mostly family pharmacies or small businesses, but they are always found in almost all areas some pharmacies of 24 hours continuous attention.

France is one of the most developed countries in the world, technologically, socially etc. This contributes to your pharmacies have the highest quality medicine and that it is accessible to anyone who needs it, in the same way it is very strange not to be able to find a specific medicine given that they are always well supplied. The cost of medicines for those who have the French Social Security system, will be partially reimbursed, if you buy a medicine and you look at the box you will see that it has attached a label that you must remove and send it along with your refund form. The percentage of the refund will be 65% for a white label and 35% for a blue label. Very interesting data given that it is one of the few countries with this social security system.

In the pharmacies of this beautiful country we can find a wide variety of items, and not only find medicines, but nowadays we can also find cosmetics, sweets and different services outside the pharmaceutical scope which covers a little more market and It creates a little more income in the pockets of pharmacies, becoming something more or less like a distributor. In France, you pop in to the pharmacy with your prescription, hand it to the pharmacist or tech and in just a few seconds they return with your box of medication. The exception here would be a special preparation that they have to make, but in most cases, pills and other treatments are ready to go like any other pharmacy in the world.


It is very interesting to see the difference between pharmacies in this country and the United States for example, it is a little more complicated, the process a bit later, if you have a prescription that you need to fill in America you would have to wait a few days until it passes , commonly in France are prepared immediately by specialists, there are many drugs that are not controlled in the United States but in France, which makes a little more orderly the sale and distribution to regulated patients and with prescriptions endorsed by professional doctors.

If you are not one of the people who take many medications and prefer something more natural in such a way that you feel it does not affect your body in any way, many pharmacies in France have joined the alternative medicine movement, you can find a variety of natural medicine articles , from pills, pills, natural oils etc. with very good acceptance among the people who visit them, this opens the options and attracts those people who prefer a touch a little more natural. Whether you need an emergency medicine or simply a headache pill, there will always be a pharmacy open and available to help us when we are not well, when you need milk for your baby you will always be very well received and cared for by kind people With much knowledge in medicine and medicines, you could ask for advice if you feel pain in any part of your body, surely you will find a very good doctor willing to help you and value you, be sure that you will find medicines of the highest quality and standards together with the best service and treatment in very calm and safe environments.

Interesting facts

The oldest legal medicine of all time is Aspirin, marketed in the year 1899. Aspirin took the Guinness Record in 1950 as the drug with the highest manufacturing level, a total of 350 billion aspirins at that time. The most toxic drug is botulinum toxin, which causes muscle paralysis. It was originally used to correct strabismus.